Team One Hosts ThinkLA’s Intern Summit Series


          By Caitie deLaroche on August 10, 2017

          Everyone is curious on how to land their first job in advertising, especially young and ambitious college students. Last month, Team One hosted ThinkLA’s final session of their three part Intern Summit Series. Young professionals came from all parts of Southern California to learn more about the interview and hiring process in the ad, marketing and creative world. ThinkLA’s session covered everything from how to contact hiring managers, to what to wear to an interview.

          Starting off with a networking-filled dinner, attendees were able to talk to fellow interns and employees from different agencies. The panel of experts, including HR reps from Snapchat, MBMG, INNOCEAN, RPA and Dailey Advertising, shared their advice for the best way to tackle interview.

          • Thank you notes: Always send them! If you’re sending a hand written card, make sure to send an email one as well.
          • Cover Letters: Also always send them. Even if recruiters don’t focus on them, they can be a tie-breaker later.
          • If a recruiter says to keep in touch, they actually mean it. Follow up, and remember even if they can’t hire you for that position, if you make a good impression they’ll keep you in mind for another opening. Sometimes even years later.
          • The usual: Don’t be late, dress professionally, don’t bring your own food and don’t curse.
          • Be yourself! Your personality and energy are what will shine throughout the interview.