The Moth at Team One


          By Phil Glist on April 28, 2017

          A group of participants from across all the disciplines at Team One recently experienced an in-depth, hands-on workshop in the art of storytelling, courtesy of The Moth.

          Participants crafted personal stories from prompts which asked them to describe “a time you exceeded your own expectations or a time when you’ve had to face a failure.” Examining their stories’ main theme, stakes and arc, and then revising after a detailed critique, each person finished a three- to five-minute story. Several participants were chosen to tell theirs to the larger group. Jason Whitehead related overcoming his fear of drowning by learning how to free dive, Mary Toves told the story of her misadventures inside a giant marlin mascot costume, and Kat Kirsch detailed an unexpected horseback ride through the jungles of Nicaragua. Everyone gained insight into how to craft compelling narratives that will help us present work both inside the agency as well as to our current and prospective clients.

           If you’re unfamiliar with The Moth, visit In addition, their second printed volume entitled “These Wonders: True Stories About Facing the Unknown” just came out. It features a story from Senior Producer Kate Tellers who led the Team One workshop, along with master storytellers Tricia Rose Burt and Stephen Ruddy.